Floral Centerpieces

This Page is Dedicated to my family and friends !!
My thanks to my family and friends  - my Dad , who had encouraged me through everything, whether it be success or failures... Mom - who had stood by me , making every dream possible...  ...Hubby dear who thinks I am talented  ( he's the one behind some of the great snaps you see here..) ,my aunt Vimala through whom I learnt the craft of flower-making......, My friends - who have been there for me always ; especially..... Alycia - my best friend and well-wisher who's been very supportive always..., karishma   (Kary) - a friend whose inspirational words have always made me stop and think, and who's cheered me make my dream into a reality...   ,  Shafana -  through whom I have learnt more about various art and craft forms....  The list goes endless....  ;-)

Now letz'  get started............

Well, floral art is the easiest and affordable way to add cheer and charm to any space... At this page,  I will be putting up some flower  arrangements (mostly pictures only), which I do at home almost every week, with care and little effort... Hope it's of some use to you to perk up your living space .. ;-) ;-)....

 Little Blue Daisies
(Ceramic bowl from Poppat Jamals)

Red roses floating in a transparent plastic bowl filled with water.
 Beautiful Pink Bougainvilleas ....
Christmas Special : Poinsettia Flower Arrangement
Floating roses in a ceramic bowl... 

 Single Rose Arrangement - Orange Magic... !!
 Table Centerpiece for Diwali
Orange Roses .....(ceramic holder from FabIndia) 

Carnation in a candle holder...
 (Candle Holder from Home Centre)

White Gladiolus.... 

The innocent white Lillies....
(Yellow ceramic holder from central cottage emporium)
....Gerbera (Artificial Flower from WestSide) ....
White dahlias.....
(Tea cup from central cottage emporium)
Birds of paradise in a vase from HomeCentre


  1. What a pretty blog you have! I love your flower arrangements!

  2. When I see these pics, I can't help but think that you just might be wasting your time and talents and creativity in an IT job!!! Ok, so you're great at your job too, but not everyone is creative like this...not everyone thinks about ways to make even the little corners of their homes beautiful like this...I mean put so much thought into bringing beauty and sunshine into their homes...I loved the picture of the vase in front of the dressing table the best. Keep your active and creative mind working! I was really touched by what you wrote about me in your intro, but really you deserve it, that's why I tell you all this! Love and Light, Lots :-)

  3. Hi Gagan,

    Thanks a lot for your lovely comments.... !! ;-) ;-)

  4. Hi kary,

    Thanks a lot ;-) ;-) .....again for those inspirational words ;-) ( Am thinkin.. !!! ) ;-) ;-)

  5. Nice Blog n a pretty work.Expecting to c lot more of ur interior designs :)


  6. Lovely blog' love all the arrangements,thanks for stopping and your sweet comment:)

  7. Wow Wow Wow Wow.. what amazing center pieces i love the roses and the first one...

  8. Hey thanks for visiting my blog ... lovely blog and i love all the arrangements...

  9. Wow!
    I liked all your flower arrangements, and the vases too. You are indeed very talented, there is no doubt about it. Everything looks so soothing to the eyes.
    So you live in hot, hot Madras, and have such cool, cool ideas.

  10. @Rama: Thanks a lot for dropping by,... and loved your cool comments ;-) ;-) ...!!

  11. Loved all the flower arrangements....You have a beautiful blog!

  12. @SV: Thanks a lot...;-) ..!!

  13. WOW - these are stunning. You are so talented!! The single rose is so pretty - I never thought to have just one and it is so refreshing.


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