Nov 26, 2011

D'Hut - The treasure house of World Handicrafts .....

     D'Hut is a store on the ECR Road, Chennai that sells a wide variety of handicrafts sourced from all over the world. Run by young couple, Neethirajan and Reshuma who are passionate about art , this shop is an one stop destination for buying  hand crafted items. What looks like a quaint little shop from the outside is actually a two-storage treasure house of hand made products and as you enter the shop, you will soon be spell bound by the amazing range of items they have to offer. The store was initially started  to exhibit African masks and now has various handmade artifacts from Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, China, SriLanka and many more countries which include mirrors, wall hangings, figurines, gift items, candle holders etc.,

     This is what Neethirajan says about his shop ... " D'Hut basically has collections of handicrafts from all over the world, especially African masks. It was an outcome of my personal collection when i sailed to the African sub-continent as a marine engineer. The beauty and uniqueness of these masks made me a compulsive buyer till my collection could not fit in the house any more. The collections slowly began to include artifacts from Iran, Papua New Guinea, South America and other countries. 
It was then that my wife and I decided to exhibit them in a shop which we later named D'Hut  keeping in mind the nature of origin of the items. We were pleasantly surprised to see that  many more people enjoyed and shared our appreciation of these artifacts. As a shop we also took into account the likings and preferences of our customers. And so we now also have a variety of things from Java, Indonesia, Thailand, Srilanka and of course India.
We  are now working upon adding more rare and interesting things to the collection. And of course when one piece sells I am able to keep my passion for buying them alive by replacing it with another piece.
We hope this helps in preventing the cultural art of different countries from disappearing and can be enjoyed and appreciated by our future generations."

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The items that we purchased for our home from D'Hut have become a favorite among our family members and the best thing that I like about this shop is the variety of items they have to offer, the customer service the and of course the "affordable prices ".  So if you ever visit Chennai, don't miss out this shop - It's a great place to shop both Indian and world handicrafts at reasonable prices - And don't forget to ask them to show their two-floored storage house too ....!!

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Nov 7, 2011

Nature's Bounty Tablescapes ......

Hi Friends, How have you been ? Today's blog post is a guest post from Joanna of Arcadian Lighting. Thank You, Joanna for this wonderful post . We are so delighted to have you here  ;-) ;-) .

Hi I’m Joanna, a guest blogger for Arcadian Lighting, the place to learn about lighting fixtures, from tiny pendants to awe-inspiring chandeliers. I spend my days writing guest posts such as this one for blogs like Liven Things Up. Thanks for letting me share with you today!

With the holidays fast approaching, our thoughts turn to holiday decorating. One area of your room’s décor which can have the biggest impact is the table. Magnificent tablescapes bring a festive feel to any gathering, whether it is for a full course dinner or an afternoon eggnog and dessert—laying a beautiful table will delight your guests. Here are a few of our favorite tables from around the web. Enjoy!

Table Decor
This lovely tablescape features white tulips in small glass vases alongside ceramic candleholders. The place settings are simplistic and straightforward.

Table Decor
Magnolia flowers and English ivy create a lovely centerpiece while two massive red candleholders stand by providing a lovely candlelit glow. Red salad plates carry the color through to the place settings.

Table Decor
Floral centerpieces sprout out of ornate silver teapots on a cleverly placed piece of weathered wood. Acorns add a touch of nature to the setting.

Table Decor
A dramatic centerpiece of moss covered limbs is visually stunning. The table, laid with dainty white place settings, contrasts with bold arrangement. Wall sconces or track lights in this room would be best in order to not get in the way of this impressively tall tablescape.

Table Decor
Turquoise is the order of the day on this cheerful table. Little potted plants play nicely off floral place settings.

Table Decor
A lovely white peacock stands watch over a brilliant tablescape of miniature roses and fine china.

Table Decor
A bountiful tablescape overflowing with fruit, gourds and roses gives a festive appearance to this lovely holiday table.

Table Decor
Purple, burgundy and pink flowers take center stage below a beautiful pendant light. Rich, warm colors really set the mood for a cozy feast with family and friends.

I hope this puts you in the mood to start thinking about your own Thanksgiving table. Which of these beautiful tablescapes do you like the best? Don't forget to visit Arcadian Lighting's blog and discover even more wonderful seasonal decorating ideas for your home! (Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)