Sep 10, 2012

DIY : Table centerpiece with Seed Pods ....

     Have you ever collected seed pods from your morning walks ? Well, I have many a times, when I was in my childhood days or may be even later.. ! Guess, if you are inspired after reading this post, you would be back to collecting seed pods, like I do now..  ;-) ;-) .. !!
Seed pods as such or painted   can either be arranged in a tray or paired with candles or any other interesting objects to create simple and easy centerpieces...!!  Here I have used seed pods in different shapes from Carao (Pink Shower Tree), Bauhinia and Rubber seeds ... Pearl Metallic colors (from Fevicryl Hobby colors)  were used to paint the seed pods.We painted one side, left it to dry and then painted the other side. It just takes a few hours for the whole pod to dry and the painting can be completed within minutes.
P.S : Anyways I have to admit that this is my  mom's idea... We both tried this together at my parent's place, when I had been there for a short stay..!! May be this is where I get my creativity from...  ;-) ;-)

Seed Pods of various shapes ... 

Seed pods - After painting with metallic colors...  Just love the rustic matte finish
given by  metallic colors ... !!  

Rubber seeds arranged in a glass bowl... Simple nd' beautiful !!!

Looks even more good, when paired with a candle.. !!

Seed pods - Arranged in different bowls, different  combinations...

Won't this look beautiful on the center table ?

You can try some quirky designs too...or use bright colors.. like this... !!

 All Images : Mine. Copy right belongs to Liven Things Up.
Bye, until I see  you next  !!

I am linking this to the Made With Love party at Colours Dekor.