Aug 4, 2011

Home Tour : Jaime’s Home in Alabama

     Morning friends, did you have a good day? So as promised here's my first home tour - a warm, inviting and cozy home in Alabama ... Jaime is an immensely talented person , a mom of three kids who blogs at her blog Caught in Grace, where she blogs about the daily happenings, household projects, photography etc., What I love most about Jaime’s home is her household projects – from the faux fireplace mantel, the old coffee house sign in her kitchen to the picture frame in her living room made from an old window , I would say that all her projects have turned out to be awesome and I love the way she tries out things on her own, adding her own personal touch to it !! Apart from these, she is an amazing photographer, I love her casual photo shoots, especially the ones of her kids. Hop over to her blog here and browse through her projects and photography – you would know what I mean …. ;-) ;-).

    This is what Jaime has to say ... "I am realizing that making my house a home is a continual process. And as my family and I grow and our needs and personal tastes change, our house changes with us. I am learning that decorating is not about having a picture perfect house, but about creating spaces and an environment where my family and I can relax and be ourselves.

     Our living room is probably my favorite place in my home and I put most of my efforts in decorating in this room. It is where we spend the most time as a family and my goal is for it to feel warm, inviting, and comfortable.

     When we had our third child last year, I moved my oldest two children into a bedroom to share. It was both challenging and fun making that space work for both of them and I tried to bring in things that would express each of their personalities.Our youngest boy has a nursery all his own and I went with red, white, and blue as the main color choices. There is also a small nautical theme running through the room.

     Over the summer, we decided to use some extra space in the laundry room to make an art room for the kids. This is one of my favorite things that we've done in our house and the kids use this area a lot. I think it's important to think outside the box sometimes when decorating in order to meet the needs of your family in the stage that you're in. My kids love to do a lot of art and this provides a space for them to create, but keeps the mess contained to one area."
Welcome to Jaime's adorable home ....

Love those open shelves , and the little knick-knacks on display..

The photo frame made from an old window and the faux fireplace
are some of  Jaime's own projects ..
Don't you think that she has done a great job ?!!  
The faux fireplace in Winter-theme and festival theme ...
A close-up shot of some of  the beautiful items on
display over the fireplace...   

Art Room for the kids... Love this colorful space and
the way it has been designed practically for the kids' use..
 Kids' Bedrooms in soft shades of pink and blue for her
elder ones....  
Love the compact and stylish book shelf on the wall
& the framed numerals - simple, yet beautiful...
Jaime's youngest son Hudson's nursery... Don't you think that
 the red,blue, white nautical theme has come out so well.....
The rope shelves are another one of Jaime's projects where
 she has put an art work of her eldest son on display....
 Oh !!!I love that red lantern... !!
Saving the best for the last..Jaime with her three kids
Tyson, Peyton and Hudson...Lovely family snap, isn't it ... ?!
All Image Copyrights belong to Caught in Grace

I hope you enjoyed the house tour. Stay tuned until I get back with more exciting posts....

Aug 1, 2011

The winner of the giveaway is .....

Kamini of Saffron and Silk. CONGRATULATIONS,Kamini !!!! Thanks a million everyone, for encouraging me with your comments and participation in the giveaway ;-) ;-)

Have a fab week ahead ...!!!