May 30, 2011

Shiraz Art Cafe : "From Persia With Love"

     This weekend, we drove to the Cholamandalam Artists Village at East Coast Road, Chennai. Located amidst the sculpture garden in the Artists village, one cannot miss Shiraz café with it's bright yellow and white exterior and  tall French windows. The café is run by Nasrin  – a charming and friendly lady and her husband Farhad, who are from Iran and have been in India for over 30 years– While Farhad takes care of their art workshop through the week, Nasrin cooks some of the delicacies herself and plays the perfect hostess. The café is named “Shiraz” after a place in Iran which is known as the “the poetic capital of Persia” and is known for its famous poets and many gardens.

     As you enter the café, you can’t help yourself admiring the simple and welcoming décor that adds to the warm and homely feel in the atmosphere. The striking yellow wall paper with its mosaic like pattern, little objects of interest, the fresh flower arrangements, the shelves adorned with crockery and soft music flowing in the back ground set the scene. The couples’ love for glass and artwork is evident from the various paintings and stained glass paintings tucked in the place - the brilliant stained glass works are done by Nasrin’s husband Farhad himself …!!

     The relaxed and laid-back setup of the café, the reasonably priced lip-smacking food and the hospitality and service extended by Nasrin makes this café a perfect place where one can chill out on a lazy Sunday afternoon with family and friends and devour on unique Iranian flavors …. !! 

 Love this table center-piece...
 Love the way the reflection of the objects are seen on the table-top..
 Art-works done by Nasrin on display ...
Even the simplest of objects can add a boost to the decor...  
A Russian Samovar, a tea-set and other interesting curios.... 
Yummy Cakes waiting to be served....
How stunning is the glass work on the wall ...?!?!  
 The tall door-sized stained glass work is done by Nasrin and
her husband .... Awesome isn't it ?
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     If you are in chennai or planning to visit chennai some time, then this cafe is a 'must visit place' - I would highly recommend this ...- itz' a sure feast to your eyes and your taste buds... !!And if you visit the place ,don’t forget to feast on Nasrin’s sugarcane sorbet laced with tulsi seeds and her rosewater cakes… they taste like homemade cakes and are yumm….delicious and ... heavenly ..!!!

     In short, this place is definitely worth many visits… and I am looking forward for a leisurely lunch there very soon…. ;-) ...!!

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May 27, 2011

"Notable Newbie" at BlogAdda

I am so excited to inform that I have been selected as the Notable Newbie by BlogAdda ..  Yay !!

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Thank You blogadda and team... Also a big thank you to my family, friends and blogger friends who have inspired and encouraged me .. Without you, it would never have been possible... ;-) .. ;-)

May 8, 2011

Mom = Unconditional Love ...

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Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms' out there... !! 

May 7, 2011

I am crazy about _ _ these days ....

Hi friends.. How have you been this week... - busy like me..trying to strike a balance between work and life or was your week perfect and relaxed ? I am hooked with jewelry making these days.. Here are some pictures of my latest attempt ..- an elastic beaded bracelet.. ..I love the shade of the blue beads and the way they have teamed up well with the silver ones.. Let me know how it has turned out... Awaiting your comments... ;-) ;-) ... !!

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