Feb 3, 2011

DIY : Heart Shaped Flower Arrangement

     What's there in a Valentine's Day without something heart shaped & red roses.. ...? So lets see how to make a simple heart-shaped flower arrangement...for this Valentine's Day... !! 

Materials Needed :

Floral Foam (Brick shaped or Heart shaped) -1
Roses or any flower ( 15 approx)
toothpick -1

Draw the Heart shape on the floral foam using a pencil
or toothpick.
   Note : Omit the inner heart in the picture. That was the trial image.
Cut the floral foam into two halves.
Have a waste paper underneath to secure
 the scraps falling off from the foam.
 Cut the floral foam lengthwise also into two halves, so 
that the heart shape can be carved out easily.
 Keep the knife vertically and cut out the heart shape.
Shorten the stems of the roses. Select roses of almost same 
size for the arrangement.
 Start arranging the roses along the edge.
If needed, you can also punch holes in the floral foam with a
toothpick to arrange the roses.
Arrange the roses until the entire foam is covered.
Note : Soak the floral foam in water for 10 minutes if you
want the flowers to stay fresh for a long time.

After arranging and then re-arranging the roses for the third time.. I achieved the near-to-heart shaped arrangement that is seen here.. ;-) ;-) ...

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  1. A perfect valentine flower arrangement! Good one Emreen!

  2. Beautiful roses, em...and you've given very professional, perfect step-by-step instructions...I liked it! A very happy Valentines day to you and your hubby, in advance! Hope the roses stay fresh till then :-D

  3. @Deepa,Esther : Thanks a lot..

    @ Kary : Thanks... Am glad u liked it... ;-) ;-)

  4. Looks perfect :) I would love to try this one. Thanks for the photo tutorial.

  5. Superb....Clear step by step instructions.

  6. what a lovely idea... i can't imagine how much a heart shaped bouquet would cost at a floral shop.

  7. lovely blog emreen, really enjoyed going thru it. Im definitey going to add you in my must read blogs. happy blogging! :)

  8. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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