Feb 17, 2011

The Dune Eco Beach Resort - the Green Paradise ....!!

Ever imagined a stay which is bestowed with best of nature with achingly breathtaking views of sea and lush greenery or a night under the stars and moonlight ? The Dune - Eco Village and Spa, a sprawling 35 acre property of landscaped gardens and organic farm offers all the above and a definite breath of fresh air for anyone bogged down by the woes of a big city.        
 The pathway in front of the 'FUN' restaurant ....!!
The picturesque setting  of  the FUN restaurant ...!!!

 Children's play area at the Dune...!!

 Chandelier made from colorful soda bottles...!!
 How I would luv to curl up here with a good book to read ..!!

 We spend a weekend at the Dune and I would call it  - "total bliss in the lap of nature " ... !!! Whether it be the lip-smacking 'Watallapan' we had at the restaurant or the activities offered at the resort ... or the endless bike rides.... or the smiling friendly staff offering to help out with anything ..or the cute resort pets 'Nash' and 'Pongo' .with their non-stop wagging tails..... It was quite an enjoyable,memorable and divine experience... !!!         

The Seafood bar dining area amidst coconut trees 
besides a pool... !!!
I love the stone table top and the multi-colored place mats ...!!
 Outdoor seating in the lawn...I love the color of the bedding - 
                      such a lovely contrast against the grass...!!              
Located in Pondicherry,The Dune's pristine beach lets one soak up the old-world glamour in tranquil surrounds, while its contemporary design provides a stimulus for an exciting unpredictable experience. Difficult to choose the best, each room is unique in design, architecture and concept - whether it be the exquisitely carved ceilings of the ancient Kerala house or the artist's studio room with private pool or the  kaleidoscope of colors created by the traditional glass bangles adorning the Bangle house or the magnificient view of the Tower House perched at a height of 50 feet offering an always exciting view of the sea. Each unit houses a piece of the past, inspired by the life and customs of people hailing from the Southern part of India and antiques and curios from former South Indian palaces and colonial bungalows are used as a part of the construction. Solar hot water systems, solar lighting equipments, waste water plants have been installed to keep the reduce impact on environment. 

Back at the hotel, the guests can participate in various activities like boating, tennis, volley ball, cow milking, balloon shooting, organic farming or pottery making... 

Last, in spite of the numerous snaps taken at the dune...
I had to post these pictures of 'Pongo' and 'Nash'
the lovely pets of the Dune who gave us company.. 
and made our stay even more memorable.. !!!

All in all, I think that the dune is a green paradise of sorts... !!
Note : It was after reading this lovely post at Saffron and Silk, I was tempted to visit the Dune. Thanks a lot for sharing, Kamini.                       
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  1. Hey, I have been wanting to go there for years...nice to see the post on your blog.

  2. I am so so envious.. I dont even want to comment!!

    Love that bottles lamp... so awesome!! such a superb idea...

    Thanks for linking into the weekend wrap up... this week... :-)

  3. @Sanghamitra : Thanks a lot...!!

    @Rekha : Do visit the resort any time you are free, rekha.. !! Its perfect for a lazy and relaxed weekend !!!

  4. @Patty : Thanks dear.. ;-) ;-) ...!!Yeah..!! With the artists residing inside the Dune, the place is a storehouse of more gorgeous ideas...!... could see it written all over the place ... ;-) ;-) ....!!

  5. I diggg the soda bottle chandelier and the children's play area!! :)

  6. With everybody from our blog world writing about Dune- I need to visit it on my next trip home!

  7. @Divya : I am sure that you will enjoy the place... !! Do write to me for suggestions... I will be happy to help you out ...!!!

  8. Thanks Emreen, guess you had a great time too :) And i have been to Shiraz Cafe as well :)


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