Feb 6, 2011

Handpainted favors from Tuscan Style Artisans

      Tuscan Style Artisan Crafts is a etsy shop that specialises in handmade tuscan style accents - the creative outlet of two sister-in-laws - Laurie and Susan who came with the idea while they were drinking a delectable bottle of an Antinori supertuscan and planning Laurie's wedding which was actually taking place in Tuscany. Laurie was interested in arts and crafts since sophomore year in high school and that was way back in 1984. Over the years she started making gifts,favors and even invitations for her friends and family members which were always well received and proudly displayed.

     It all started in 2005 when the owner of wine boutique asked her to make a few pieces for the local craft fair.Working in a hectic environment and leading a busy life herself didn't leave much time for her to make anything in the required quantity. That was when her creative sister in law, Susan, offered to help and that year they made a ton of items and went to the craft fair to debut Tuscan Style Artisans. The first venture went on very well and as they say, the rest is history!

     Other than following her creative instincts, Laurie is also an avid birdwatcher and loves hummingbirds the most. Every year she tracks their migration online and has her feeders ready for their arrival. Shes adds that "There is something amazing about a tiny creature that has the strength and determination to travel so far! They're such an inspiration".

Hand painted and hand lettered with quaint phrases and
gorgeous sunflower decoupage embellishments !!!

The handmade crafts from Tuscan Style Artisans seek to capture the essence of Tuscan Style through the use of a warm color palette and embellishments evocative of wineries, vineyards, nature, sunflowers, breathtaking vistas and the enchanting agriturismi found throughout the region.

Wow! I love this .... so charming.. and so.. sweet..
And I totally love these birdhouses... *Cute*** aren't they ..?

Birdhouse with gorgeous Tuscan sunflower decoupage
embellishments ...!!

If you have ever visited Tuscany, these charming items will awaken your wonderful memories. And, if you dream of visiting Tuscany, any item from the TuscanStyle Artisans collection will bring you one step closer!!!!

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  1. Thank you Emreen for posting such a wonderful article. Were so honored to be included in your blog! Laurie & Susan


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