Sep 30, 2010

The Style Saintz - for modern living !!

          The Style Saintz is the brain child of Promila Bajaj who has been associated with the design Industry for over 25 years ; Her vast experience in the area of cloth designing has been converted to  to create  marvelous  metal home decor products.

     The products in 'The style saintz' vary from  Aluminium enamelware food platters, enameled bowls, lamps and candle holders to  white metal silver plated leaf platters, designer vases and brass God figures. The products come in a variety of shapes, colour and sizes to suit the modern home needs and can also be customized as per the client's requirements.

Contemporary Crock range that is  made of food grade 
Aluminum and Enamel - can be used for serving snacks , dry 
fruits etc.,  ;Will also make a very good gifting option during 
the festival season.

Trendy and stylish white metal décor range available in 
exclusive designs, which not only look elegant 
but are quite resourceful as well.
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You can view the video of  the products showcased by Style Saintz at "The India International Trade Fair 2009" held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi , India between 14th November and 27th November here.

Also, they are participating in the "India International Trade Fair 2010" held at Pragati Maidan ,New Delhi ,India between  14th November to 27th November – Hall 1.

P.S : Hope you all remember the beautiful designer enamelware that I had presented at my previous post. It is none other than a style saintz product !!!  ;-)  

Sep 28, 2010

Shopping Trip : Decorative Enamelware

      Hi everyone, How was the weekend... ?! I am quite delightful about the weekend that has gone on well for me - courtesy : a small shopping spree, ending up with some of my long-awaited home decor products. Shopping is something that I find really very very exciting, and actually helps me relax.. ;-) ;-) .

      My shopping find is an enamel-painted tray purchased at one of the stalls in the home decor exhibition 2010' that took place recently in chennai at the Chennai Trade Centre


The stall had a vast collection of fantastic enamelware in various shapes and shades with each and every piece unique in style and decor. I was really finding it difficult to choose between their items; with each of their product being very attractive. Finally the choice was made by hubby dear ('D')  - He  is obsessed with all shades of blue, that any artistic piece in blue appears gorgeous to him. So, we finally settled upon this piece...Wow , this  exactly fits my table, and I absolutely love it ....!!!!

The orchid flowers which can be used be either stuck on the walls or used as floating flowers were also purchased at the same exhibition. I bought them to be used as floating flowers ; but somehow stuck with the idea of putting them on my new tray as of now. Perhaps, some time later I will add two or three candles, to spruce up the arrangement.

I will be doing a post about the amazing people behind this enamel-ware and their products quite soon...!
So, what do u think of my shopping find....? ;-) ;-) ... Awaiting your comments ;-) ;-) !!!

 Floating Orchids  from kusal Florists , Chennai.
 Enamel Tray from The Style Saintz.

Sep 26, 2010

Have a great week ahead !

To my friends, blogger-friends and everyone out there -- Have a fun-filled week ahead !!! ;-) ;-)

Cost       : Vase ~ Rs.100
Location : Ferns and petals, Chennai.

Sep 18, 2010

Melanje - Live Life with Style !!

     Melanje - this store is a designer's dream which has a vast selection of exotic curios, unique and attractive sculptures, fine jewellery  and a wide assortment of home accents brought in from all over the world.

    Anyone who enters the store, will be mesmerised by it's ambience right from the moment you step in;  the wooden sign that stands at the entrance, the exquisite buddha statues arranged at the pavement and  the soothing sound of tricking water from the stone fountains just add to the charm.

Meticulously carved Buddha statues with intricate craftmanship....!!!

Imported Wicker furniture ; the window sill is covered with candle stands and figurines...!!!

 Luv those marble swans !!! ....;-) ;-)

A close-up shot of the floating votive holders... ..!!!

Skillfully woven lamps.. Luk at the  pattern created by the light on the ceiling... How lovely !!! 

Decorative statues in various forms.....!!!

Storage baskets in various sizes.... !

Can anyone guess what those bamboo stalks are for?
Those are candle stands.- very different, yet classic  !!!  

Last but not the least - my personal favorites - stone wash basins and mats..
Wow !!How great these would look in a garden setting ....... !!!                       

Everyone out there, Wish u all a fun weekend !!!!

Sep 14, 2010

Cozy Corner' September....

    This picture was taken at my parents place.. This is my favorite corner, where I used to spend most of my time...reading, watching TV,  chatting with family and friends.... I love the soft tones  and the floral  patterns used in the upholstery and the way it teams up with the color of the wall...


How I love to snuggle up in this comfortable sofa-cum-bed......!!!
I am submitting this post to 'cozy corners September' hosted by Patricia of Colours Dekor.

Sep 8, 2010

Cottage Emporium - An artistic haven

The Central Cottage Industries Emporium is a one-stop shopping destination which houses authentic and beautiful masterpieces made by skilled artisans from all over the country and is popularly known as "CCIC", "CCIE" and "Cottage Emporium". This is an ideal place to shop for souvenirs and take back lovely memories of India. One can find everything from furniture, pottery, rugs, silver work, sarees, toys, shawls, silk scarfs..traditional paintings here...

Handcrafted white wood with antique finish

Gold Leaf painted marble vase from Jaipur
Buddha Figure in brass with gold finish on face
Silver Filigree Leaf Plate 

The store stands in three levels and all the items are beautifully displayed in separate sections, but what makes it a different shopping experience here, is the variety of goods that you find here and the shopkeepers don't nag or pressurize you to buy anything. You are free to stroll around and pick any item of your choice... !!!  Also, this is an ideal place to get high quality gifts for art lovers, which they wrap it up nicely in beautiful handcrafted paper. 

Handcrafted Silver Earring  from Jaipur

Side table in colonial design


Wood based planter with Enamel Work

 Brass Planter made by 'Dhokra Metal Craft'

This is a place where I have hung more often with my friends, during my stay in Chennai, and for more reasons than one, it holds many special memories for me... !!My favorite section in the shop is the pottery section - In more occasions, I have seen that the prices are less when compared to the prices quoted by road side vendors ( Think of the  bargaining skills and effort)  or in exhibitions... 

Evening Bag with Bangle Handle ..!

 Copper coaster with fine enameling work (Meenakari)
Buddha Head with fine inlay work
Kiddies Special : Wooden Puzzle Toy

Hand Painted  papier machie powder box

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Happy Shopping , Guys  ;-) ;-) ....!!

Sep 5, 2010

Happy September ...!

S is for ....sunshine ..... stars..... sunflowers.... smiles...(cozy) ;-) ,,,, & ... store-locator...
Stay tuned to this space for more.. .

Hope u have a lovely month !!!