Sep 28, 2010

Shopping Trip : Decorative Enamelware

      Hi everyone, How was the weekend... ?! I am quite delightful about the weekend that has gone on well for me - courtesy : a small shopping spree, ending up with some of my long-awaited home decor products. Shopping is something that I find really very very exciting, and actually helps me relax.. ;-) ;-) .

      My shopping find is an enamel-painted tray purchased at one of the stalls in the home decor exhibition 2010' that took place recently in chennai at the Chennai Trade Centre


The stall had a vast collection of fantastic enamelware in various shapes and shades with each and every piece unique in style and decor. I was really finding it difficult to choose between their items; with each of their product being very attractive. Finally the choice was made by hubby dear ('D')  - He  is obsessed with all shades of blue, that any artistic piece in blue appears gorgeous to him. So, we finally settled upon this piece...Wow , this  exactly fits my table, and I absolutely love it ....!!!!

The orchid flowers which can be used be either stuck on the walls or used as floating flowers were also purchased at the same exhibition. I bought them to be used as floating flowers ; but somehow stuck with the idea of putting them on my new tray as of now. Perhaps, some time later I will add two or three candles, to spruce up the arrangement.

I will be doing a post about the amazing people behind this enamel-ware and their products quite soon...!
So, what do u think of my shopping find....? ;-) ;-) ... Awaiting your comments ;-) ;-) !!!

 Floating Orchids  from kusal Florists , Chennai.
 Enamel Tray from The Style Saintz.


  1. Oh that tray is gorgeous.. I love the colours... very pretty!! those orchids look awesome as well.. So what are you going to finally do with them??

  2. Gorgeous piece Emreen, I am so J, I wish I was at the exhibition...loved the idea of multipurpose orchids too..

  3. Wow! Beautiful tray...creative way of painting the enamel in panels of different blue shades...also loved the way you presented it! Hope I get these in Blore...

  4. @Patty: Thanks a lot, After a while, I am going to use them as floating flowers.
    @Rekha: Thanks a lot ;-) ;-) .
    @kary : Watch out for home decor exhibitions in Bglr; most likely you will get it.. !!

    P.S : I had received a comment, asking for the price of the items presented and the store location. So, I have added a fact file underneath each post where items from my home have been featured. Hope it's of use to all.. !


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