Sep 18, 2010

Melanje - Live Life with Style !!

     Melanje - this store is a designer's dream which has a vast selection of exotic curios, unique and attractive sculptures, fine jewellery  and a wide assortment of home accents brought in from all over the world.

    Anyone who enters the store, will be mesmerised by it's ambience right from the moment you step in;  the wooden sign that stands at the entrance, the exquisite buddha statues arranged at the pavement and  the soothing sound of tricking water from the stone fountains just add to the charm.

Meticulously carved Buddha statues with intricate craftmanship....!!!

Imported Wicker furniture ; the window sill is covered with candle stands and figurines...!!!

 Luv those marble swans !!! ....;-) ;-)

A close-up shot of the floating votive holders... ..!!!

Skillfully woven lamps.. Luk at the  pattern created by the light on the ceiling... How lovely !!! 

Decorative statues in various forms.....!!!

Storage baskets in various sizes.... !

Can anyone guess what those bamboo stalks are for?
Those are candle stands.- very different, yet classic  !!!  

Last but not the least - my personal favorites - stone wash basins and mats..
Wow !!How great these would look in a garden setting ....... !!!                       

Everyone out there, Wish u all a fun weekend !!!!


  1. Oh my!! what an awesome store!! I could do with a buddha like that... So so gorgeous!! i also like the chair.. the backrest looks gorgeous.. To die for!! :-)

  2. Great photos, em...loved the bamboo votives, the wicker furniture, the figurines...would love to live in a house that has all of those (people, pls visit my blog and click on all the google ads to help me make money for this!!!)....:-P on a serious note, I just love the way you observe even the little things-like the way the light makes patterns on the ceiling or wall! I'm waiting to come over there and visit these stores with you...keep posting about more and more of your beautiful finds!

  3. Oh my goodness what lovely stuff. The Buddhas are my favorite. I have a trip to Chennai planned in Jan, I might have to stop by this place.....hey thanks for stopping by my blog....have to get back to blogging slowly!!!


  5. Is the store in Madras Emreen? I clicked on the website you had posted- but the link isn't working...

  6. @SoundHorn : Melanje is a decor store that is located at 1st Main Road, Karpagam Gardens, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020 ops Theosophical society. ( Near fashion folks).
    Guess the wesbite is under administration ; It worked fine earlier ;-( ... !

  7. Interesting place. I wish someone blogged about these kinds of place in and around Bangalore/Mysore, two cities I often visit during my India trips. The name of this store made me laugh. I guess they meant "Melange" which is a french word for mix/mixture (of various styles/objects in this case) but got the spelling wrong and put a "j" in it?

  8. Hi, I am sorry to share that the store has closed down..dont know what happened..but it s really sad. Does anyone know who used to own this store ?

  9. Hi friends,

    I have spoken with Deepa, the contact persion for Melanje. The store is closed at the moment. However,if you are interested in buying the items, most of them are available at ODE cafe, ECR, Chennai (



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