Sep 14, 2010

Cozy Corner' September....

    This picture was taken at my parents place.. This is my favorite corner, where I used to spend most of my time...reading, watching TV,  chatting with family and friends.... I love the soft tones  and the floral  patterns used in the upholstery and the way it teams up with the color of the wall...


How I love to snuggle up in this comfortable sofa-cum-bed......!!!
I am submitting this post to 'cozy corners September' hosted by Patricia of Colours Dekor.


  1. Ah! Finally, a post featuring your own home, how refreshing :-)....The corner is cozy, I like the moneyplant on the sill (it is a moneyplant, right?)...somehow when it comes to our parental home, any corner will become a cozy corner, isn't it :-D

  2. aaaaawwww.. thats super sweet!!! Such a cute cozy corner!! Thanks for joining in!! :-)

  3. awwww... this is so super cute!! thanks for joining in.. :-)

  4. @Patricia : Thanks a lot for the lovely comment... and givin us all another chance to participate... ( Lookin forward to many more such events hosted in ur blog.... !!)

    @Kary : How true... ?!? Yes, thats a moneyplant !!! I remembered ur threat while doin this post.... LoL...


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