Sep 8, 2010

Cottage Emporium - An artistic haven

The Central Cottage Industries Emporium is a one-stop shopping destination which houses authentic and beautiful masterpieces made by skilled artisans from all over the country and is popularly known as "CCIC", "CCIE" and "Cottage Emporium". This is an ideal place to shop for souvenirs and take back lovely memories of India. One can find everything from furniture, pottery, rugs, silver work, sarees, toys, shawls, silk scarfs..traditional paintings here...

Handcrafted white wood with antique finish

Gold Leaf painted marble vase from Jaipur
Buddha Figure in brass with gold finish on face
Silver Filigree Leaf Plate 

The store stands in three levels and all the items are beautifully displayed in separate sections, but what makes it a different shopping experience here, is the variety of goods that you find here and the shopkeepers don't nag or pressurize you to buy anything. You are free to stroll around and pick any item of your choice... !!!  Also, this is an ideal place to get high quality gifts for art lovers, which they wrap it up nicely in beautiful handcrafted paper. 

Handcrafted Silver Earring  from Jaipur

Side table in colonial design


Wood based planter with Enamel Work

 Brass Planter made by 'Dhokra Metal Craft'

This is a place where I have hung more often with my friends, during my stay in Chennai, and for more reasons than one, it holds many special memories for me... !!My favorite section in the shop is the pottery section - In more occasions, I have seen that the prices are less when compared to the prices quoted by road side vendors ( Think of the  bargaining skills and effort)  or in exhibitions... 

Evening Bag with Bangle Handle ..!

 Copper coaster with fine enameling work (Meenakari)
Buddha Head with fine inlay work
Kiddies Special : Wooden Puzzle Toy

Hand Painted  papier machie powder box

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Happy Shopping , Guys  ;-) ;-) ....!!


  1. Emreen, I used to spend a sizeable chunk of my money in the Delhi counterpart! It really was/is one of my fav places to shop! :)

  2. It reminds me old memories at Temple tower..:)

  3. Hey, Em, thanks for letting us know about this...when I visit you in Chennai, we must definitely hang out here and create new memories.....and huge bills :-)

  4. Emreen... Emreen.. I didnt know you were blogging.. I've just posted at the keybunch.... so have a look.. :-)

    I loved this post.. I could spend hours and hours here.. and my heart would totally take over my wallet...

  5. Hi Emreen..Absolutely gorgeous stuff you got there! I can spend days in this place! Did you say three!!!

  6. @Patty : I published my first post, days after submitting my entries for Table top August in ur blog ;-)... Thank You for the lovely comments , Patty...

    @Purnima: Thanks a lot,... Do drop by more often... Looking forward to your comments..

    @Kary: Guess, there is one in Hyderabad too...

    @Vidya: When I meant friends in my post, that definitely includes you,dear.... Thinkin of gud oldddd times... ;-) ... Unforgettable moments...

  7. hi emreen
    thanks a lot for those lovely comments on my blog. I was checking yours & would like to know which cottage emporium these pics are from. would you know the pricing for the Brass Planter made by 'Dhokra Metal Craft'

  8. @ ash : The cottage emporium that I have mentioned here is at Temple Towers, Chennai.


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