Jun 12, 2012

Gardening in Small Spaces ~ Simple Vertical Garden Ideas !!!

     A couple of weeks back, when I had been to a nursery that I haunt at times, I found these beautiful vertical gardening concepts and I simply had to share them with you all !! Vertical gardening solutions can be very useful when there is not enough space at a home to spare for a garden.  

Vertical Garden - Wall sconce planters

Idea #1 : A wooden mesh or a wire mesh can be used to house planters. These semicircular planters have two holes at the back and can be nailed or tied to the mesh. This is a great solution if you do not like hammering nails to the walls. These planters can also be fastened to fences, grills etc., What a lovely idea isn’t it ?

Vertical Garden - Wall sconce planters

 Planters fastened to a mesh made of Bamboo stems ....!!!!

A fern plant in a wall sconce planter .... !!!

Idea #2 : These lovely colorful planters from ‘Options’  are available in 9 different colors . They can either be fixed to the wall or can be used as regular planters. They have matching drip plates as well . The approximate price of these planters along with the plates is ~100. These planters are available at Green Sentei , Shakambari Gardens , Odyssey etc., 
Vertical Garden - Planters nailed to a wall

 There is a transparent clamp that is available to fix the planter to the wall.

Love the colorful planters lined up on the wall .. !! 

Idea #3 : A vertical plant stand made of metal or wood, used to hang colorful hanging pots is also a good space saving option.
Vertical Garden - Hanging Pots
Vertical Plant Stand made of bamboo stems ...!!
The Hook with which the pot is hung is seen here in the picture ... !!
Love these purple flowers.... yellow and purple form a great combination ...!!

This is nowhere related to vertical gardening , but I simply had to post the picture of this multi-tiered planter that has many varieties of plants in it… ;-) ;-).

Plant Stand with multiple plants

Hope these simple ideas inspired you enough to create your own vertical garden at home. If you do try out something like this, send the pictures to liventhingzup@gmail.com - I would be delighted to see them ;-) ;-) .