Dec 3, 2010

Christmas Centerpieces - 2

A simple table centerpiece of handmade flowers brightens up your day...
Glass bowls with the flowers arranged on top ...
 Xmas decor in traditional red and greens... 
If you would like to know how to make these flowers by 
yourself, see the tutorial here 
Have a great weekend everyone...!!!

I am linking this to December Carnival at the Key Bunch,  and  to  the blog party at my blog .


  1. Emreen, they are so pretty! Did you use a template?

  2. @Sharon : Thanks a lot , sharon. I remember using one when I made the flowers for last year Xmas.. Tried to google and find out one, but couldn't find the exact one that I had used. Came upon this link yesterday - This contains the petal template (

    @Kasthurirajam : Thanks a lot... ;-) ;-)

  3. Lovely idea, sounds simple too.

  4. @rekha : Thanks.. Takes about 10 mins to make...


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