Dec 2, 2010

Christmas Centerpieces - 1

  Show off your favorite ornaments this festival season, by arranging them randomly in a tray to create beautiful centerpieces... !!

    The Xmas tree ornament is made of felt... - Itz' one of my favorites; I got it from Daiso during my short-but-memorable stay in Japan... 

I have arranged the ornaments in an ordinary glass tray filled with pebbles... 

Red and green - the color of the season....

A few baubles too... 

I also added a few snowflakes to brighten up the arrangement ....;-) ;-)

I am linking this to December Carnival at the Key Bunch, Show and Tell Party and  to  the blog party at my blog .


  1. So beautiful!:) Thank you for the linkup!

  2. Oh.. your ornaments are simply gorgeous!

  3. That's a very simple idea and it looks so gorgeous!


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