Dec 3, 2010

DIY : Poinsettia flowers

    Last Christmas, I remember looking for some artificial poinsettia flowers but couldn't  find  one...  So I ended up in making my own ... I know that they don't look exactly look like the natural poinsettia flowers. but I couldn't be without having the bright poinsettia flowers as a part of my Xmas  decor..... So here are the step by step instructions in case you are interested in making one...

Supplies Needed : 

Red Floral Foam (Available in all craft stores)
Pollen Grains       (Available in all craft stores)
Fabric Glue

Cut a petal like pattern from the red foam as shown above. Emboss vein like patterns on the foam petal, with the tip of the scissors. Make 6 petals in the similar manner.

Cut a small triangle portion from the foam, and glue the petals to it one by one.

After pasting 3-4 petals, glue the pollen grains at the center. If pollen grains are not available, then small beads or other embellishments can also be used. Rub off any excess glue with the help of a cotton ear bud.

The original poinsettia has star-shaped flowers in a layered pattern. Here, I have made a single layer in the flower, you can add to it if needed.


  1. really sooo beautiful & useful 4r this season too...thx 4r sharing this emreen...

  2. Oh, I just love the poinsettias!
    Merry Christmas!
    ~Alyssa Rose

  3. What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing this with our link up today!

  4. I like the tip on embossing the leaf petals. Good one

  5. Thank you for all of your kind comments on my blog. You have some great projects here. I love this idea - so pretty and sophisticated!


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