Dec 16, 2010

DIY - Holly Leaves ..!

     The holly leaf with its bright scarlet berries is closely associated with the festivities of Christmas. So here's a tutorial to help you make holly leaves for this festival season in a  simplified manner. 

Supplies Needed :

Velvet cloth      - Green color.
(Instead of velvet cloth , felt cloth or green floral foam or thick green paper can also be used)

thermocol balls -  Any color (Preferably  Red)
(If thermocol balls are not available used punched dots from red paper or red beads)

Red Marker Pen
Coil of Wire
Green Tape     - Available in all craft shops.
Fabric Glue
Holly Leaf Template

The template shown in figure was drawn freehand by me. Similarly you can create a template of your liking or download some free templates here and here.
 Cut the wire in 4 inch lengthwise strips as shown in figure.
Cover the coil completely with green tape. 
Using the holly template, cut three holly leaf shapes 
from the velvet cloth as shown above.
Turn the leaves and stick the coil covered with green tape 
to the center of the leaf with fabric glue as shown.
Leave the fabric glue to dry completely.
Take two leaves and twist the coil of wire as shown above
Similarly join all the three leaves such that the 
bottom part of the leaves touch each other.
Take 3 medium sized thermocol balls and color them red using the marker pen. 
I was not patient enough to paint the berries red; So I have used a red marker pen to achieve similar effect. However, be careful about the marker stains on your hands, though they wash off easily ;-) ...!
Stick the red balls on the leaves using fabric glue.
     This takes about 15 minutes to make ( leave the time that takes for the glue to dry) .. You can use these holly leaves as part of your Christmas decor ... Some great ideas can be found here and here... !!

I am linking this to the Weekend Wrap Up party hosted by Patty @ Colours Dekor and to the December Carnival at the Key Bunch and the parties here , here and here.


  1. What a neat idea! They look so pretty with the candle.

    Merry Christmas!
    ~Alyssa Rose

  2. These are very creative, thanks for linking up!:)

  3. They look pretty with the rose color balls. I will try this out.

  4. Nicce.... Not sure why I should be looking for bamboo leaves when I can probably make one. This is a useful DIY>


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