Dec 5, 2010

The Enchanting Evergreen Christmas Centre!

     The festival season would be rather incomplete if I do not write a post about my favorite Christmas decor shop - Evergreen Christmas Centre, Chennai. This shop is a Xmas-loving person's dream; walking into this store makes one feel as if you are in an an enchanted world of fairy lights, decorations,artificial snowflakes and coniferous trees...Most importantly, I like the way each item is presented in this store, it really evokes the festive spirit in yourself, right from the moment you step into the store.

      I have been visiting this shop for the past four years for  getting Xmas decor for my friends , parents, for buying gifts  - And I can never recall a situation where I have returned empty-handed; Somehow or the other I have been tempted to buy something for myself... !! The shop has the biggest selection of Xmas decor that  can be found at one place in Chennai. Be it be artificial trees, wreaths, glass ornaments, candy sticks or  santa claus ... name the item you want, you will find it here... 

 A shelf stacked with ceramic cribs and nativity scenes..

 Santa aboard on a train... 

This is one piece that I fell in love with - 
Listed as  must buy for next year's Xmas .... ;-)

Lovely christmas broom on a tree... 

Miniature trees , wreaths, handmade ornaments -
  the possibilities here  are endless.... ! 

White Christmas.... ;-) ... The angel in red is 
another of my favorites...

 The shop is located at Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai and operates during the christmas season - they start sales from 1st week of November and last till January.In short Evergreen Christmas centre is all about the best  and irresistible Christmas ornaments and decorative items.


  1. Hi Em, seems I have a lot of catching up to do here...happy to know you've been blogging regularly :-) loved your poinsettas-they were mindblowing...I can't get over how creative you are! also like your new blog layout and your new feature about the store links! keep up the blogging and wish you a very merry shopping season!

  2. WOW, chennaites r lucky to have a shop like dis on thier city, hapieee shopieee, wishing u PPL MERRY CHRISTMAS:)

  3. Hi..I loved your blog on the christmas store. It is very fascinating. I work for a magazine here in Chennai called the Parent Circle and I was writing an article on Christmas. Wanted to take a look at this store. Is this store open only during the Christmas season as you mentioned? Please do mail me on


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