Aug 28, 2010

Add Cheer with Blue daisies..!

     Doing your own floral arrangements is  fun and  is one of the easiest and affordable ways to add liveliness to any home.
    These delicate blue daisies are mostly available in any florist shop and they normally come with long stems, which I had cut and put it in a bone china bowl with the help of a flower pin.You can also use floral foam instead of flower pins to perfect the arrangement.
Blue is a color that is known to have universal 
appeal ; It's the coolest color that soothes a 
person's mind and provides peace and tranquility....

Hope you all enjoyed this flower arrangement...!! Have a great weekend !

I am sending this post for the "September Blog Carnival - Say it with flowers" hosted by the Key Bunch. ;-) ;-) ..........!!!


Cost       : Bone China Bowl  ~  Rs. 100
Location : Poppat Jamal & sons, Chennai.


  1. Do you buy fresh flowers daily? These are beautiful...I like how you give a great deal of thought to make even the smallest things around the house beautiful...

  2. Hi Kary,

    Thank you.. !! Not daily - a bunch of flowers per week.... And I keep experimenting with various colors.... and varieties... ;-) ;-) ...

  3. Thanks for participating in our blogversary event Emreen, loved the lovely arrangement..

  4. Thank You, Sharon and Rekha... !! ;-)


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