Oct 31, 2010

Itz' Festival Time !!!

     Hi All, This is the first blog party that I am conducting at my blog... ;-) ;-) The theme of the party is the arrangements, decor, DIY project etc., done and also recipes tried for the  festivals (diwali, ramzan, pooja, christmas, and other festivals) celebrated at your home.The party will be open upto Dec 31st 2010.    

Floating candles & rose petals in a glass bowl ..

This is how you join the party :-

1. Do a "Itz' Festival Time"  post  in your blog . The pictures that you upload have to be your own. Please do not use pictures from other magazines or websites .
2. Then link back to this post so that more people get to know about this party.
3. Copy the permalink from your "festival decor" post. Add your 'permalink' to the 'inlinkz' at the bottom of this post.
 4. Spend a few minutes to post a comment in other  blog participantz'- It is always good to meet like-minded people and more important to encourage them ;-) ;-)
5. Non-bloggers please send your entries to  liventhingzup@gmail.com.
6. For queries, please contact me at liventhingzup@gmail.com.
7. In case there are any problems with adding a link, please send me your links to  liventhingzup@gmail.com .


  1. Hey em, really proud of you for hosting a blog party so early in your bloglife :-P...way to go girl! All the best dear!

  2. SO exciting, we have a similar theme party coming up on our blog as well, makes job easier for others to post, isn't it?

  3. Oh.. such an excellent idea.. Cant wait to see all the lovely posts here.. I'll link in a few for sure.. :-)

  4. lovely.what an idea.cant wait to see all the ideas..

  5. wow..cool idea!!! would love to see what others are doing as well!!!

  6. Great opportunity and perfectly timed. Will wait for others to share.

  7. I've joined in again... Hope you are not fed up.. :-)

  8. @Kary : Thanks a lot dear... Waiting for your yummy recipes to be linked here....!!!

    @Patty : No..never....Actually I am super -excited to see your links here... ,....;-) ;-) ....!!!


  9. Added my Link. Thanks for the invitation Emreen. And Happy Diwali!

  10. Added my link. Hope you had a great Diwali!

  11. joined ur blog party...lovely post :)

  12. Hi Emreen,
    Thanks for the blog party!..Am not able to add my links don't know why?

  13. emreen,lakshmi here.i did receive your mail asking to link to the party.
    i have diwali post on diwali in the celebrations decor blog,which i have linked it with your its festival time party.please do add it to the list at your convenience.
    by the way,i appreciate your efforts for the parties...
    best of luck with the blog.
    love lakshmi

    the link of the post is http://celebrationsdecor.blogspot.com/2010/11/diwali-to-rememberat-home.html

  14. @Sanghamitra : Hi, I have checked with inlinkz support team; Seems like certain browser could cause some issues !!! So,please send your link to my email id liventhingzup@gmail.com : I will add it for you ;-) ;-)

    @Lakshmi - Done !! Tons of thanks for linking and joining the blog party !!!

    A BIG HUG TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS ...!!! ;-) ;-) .. Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments too....;-) ;-) !!!

  15. Added a Christmas link ! Thanks for the invitation Emreen :)

  16. Hello Emreen.. Nice to have you back.. Hope you are doing well now... :-)

  17. @Patty : Thanks a lot...& Thanks a lot for linking to the blog party...!!

  18. Linked up Emreen! Thanks for hosting!

  19. Im joining in. Thank you for hosting :)


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