Oct 22, 2010

Contemporary Handmade pottery from Elizabeth Prince

     Today's Etsy find is Elizabeth Prince of  PrinceDesignUK . Well, I must say that Elizabeth Prince is one lucky etsy find for me - being a lover of ceramic craft items..!! ; I was simply wowed by her unique creations ... ! Elizabeth is a british based ceramicist who creates her stunning designs in Manchester, England. has a degree in fine arts and has also worked as a successful interior designer ;She loves working with clay and prefers making unique pieces, which are  made from clay and  fired  to stone temperature. Nature, kindness and compassion inspires her a lot and she tries to make objects that reflect that and bring cheerfulness into the world..!!

The most Amazing poppy bowls I have ever seen...!!!

Wall Art - of flying ducks...

Her leaf and waterlily bowls are just awesome 
with  perfect blend of colors....!!
A leaf shaped brooch that carries the exact fingerprint of a leaf...!! 
Didn't I mention that she'z amazing with her designs...?!!?? 

The soooo-beautiful.. FairyTale lacy Hearts...!!!
A perfect ornament for a Xmas Tree...!!
Full of Heart Love Bowls...!! 
What a perfect 'gift of love' this would make ..!!

Lacy Heart made by pressing vintage lace...!!

The beauty, grace and style of her art will add sophisticated elegance to any home ;  Each and every one of her creations are amazing (Well, u can see that for yourself ...!) - I just had a tough time figuring out the ones to display here... !!!  You can visit Elizabeth's colorful blog here and her etsy shop here... !!!


  1. I loved everything, but especially the leaf and the love bowl...The leaf brooch stunned me with its attention to detail...who would've thought its ceramic...can see more new stuff in this world thru ur blog! Good selections, em...and btw, what do you mean by "etsy"?!

  2. Gorgeous---lovely find. Loved those waterlilly bowls!

  3. They all are gorgeous but i love Full of Heart Love Bowls the most.amazing work!

  4. Wow... beautiful creations. Loved the leaf brooch. I am adding this shop to my Etsy favs :)

  5. Thank you so much for including me here on your blog Emreen, and also to the kind comments above :)

  6. Such gorgeous pieces! Lovely find! I am so glad I discovered your blog :)

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing Emreen!! The ceramics are gorgeous. The Flying Ducks and the Heart Bowls are my favorites.


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