Jun 22, 2011

Taj Fisherman's Cove - In the Lap of Luxury ....

           Have you ever wanted to spend a blissful weekend – absolutely doing nothing…just strolling around in a place surrounded by lush greenery…. great food… with the sun above and the sea waves touching your feet…?!! Then the Taj Fisherman’s Cove would be an apt choice..… !! The resort can be described as a serene and beautiful place sorrounded by lush gardens, a pristine white private beach and a perfect place to take romantic walks on.. .. ;-);-) The fantastic location of the resort along the shoreline of the Bay of Bengal and the tranquil garden settings that is cultivated within adds to the beauty of the resort.
      There are private cottages in various categories and perfect views - garden view, sea view etc.,..& if you like to have dinner by the sea shore, they arrange private dinners and also they have open air restaurants inside the resort, that cater food with incredible views of the sea, rocks and greenery !! This is a suitable place to spend time with family and unwind from the hustle bustle of the city – in fact, this is a perfect weekend retreat as they call it...!!  

     We went to the Taj Fisherman’s Cove a couple of weeks back and stayed there during the weekend - This was my first visit to the place & I was literally surprised to see such a beautiful place with a great ambience surrounded by greenery within Chennai…the place was way beyond my expectations… Right from the welcome drink to the shell mala with which they welcome a person in the resort , the shell-shaped cottage in which we stayed , the warm and the friendly staff, the golf cabbie rides within the resort, the excellant breakfast , dinner buffets and the impeccable service… the place was fantastic and the visit was enjoyable !! And ofcourse, quality and excellance always comes with a price … !!!

The cottage with a patio and  private garden ...
Love the simple pattern on the white brick wall....

 Wicker chairs and white interiors - simple and minimalistic ..

Mirror adorned with shells...
The tranquil garden and the beautiful landscape...

Beautiful sea-view villas ... Love those stone-like exteriors...
The shell-shaped cottages facing the sea...

Stone sculptures that are commonly sold on the
roads of ECR, chennai....

The swimming pool situated amidst trees ...  
Lounge chairs by the swimming pool - a place to relax
with a good book... !!
The 'Bay view' restaurant that offers incredible views of the sea..
I took these photographs when they were setting the table...
This is one easy and lovely flower arrangement... !!

My favorite photographs are those of the reading room..
Love the black and white rug and the embroidered pillows
that  co-ordinate well with it..
 The wooden book shelf...
Isn't that artwork and the stone mask beautiful ?!?!

The 'Upper Deck' restaurant - dinner setting by the rocks... !!
Love this simple tablescape and the blue glasses ... !!
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     All in all, this is a place to feel pampered and soak in luxury & if you don't expect something for every penny you pay, you might have a pleasant experience and an enjoyable stay here... !!


  1. Emreen, thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos. Hubby and I enjoyed looking at them and the next time we are in Chennai, this place would definitely be on our list:):)

  2. @kala :Thanks a lot... Am glad that you enjoyed the post...!!

  3. wow...never been to a vacation like this...looks so luxurious..super !!

  4. What a great time you must've had here Emreen, awwwesome place.. and you've captured it well for us readers! Ah this is a must-visit when I come to Chennai next :)

  5. First time visitor @ your blog. Lovely pictures and descriptions of your vacation. It must have been wonderful. I loved the deck restaurant.

  6. @Sudha:Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog and for the sweet comments ....!!
    @Ambika: Sure & yes, I had a wonderful time...!!
    @Sumana:Thanks for dropping by - Thanks a lot for the lovely comments...!!

  7. Hi Emreen! We´re now following you! Great blog!

  8. WE have been to FC couple of times for dining but never had an opportunity to stay there... Sure seems like a beautiful place to spend the weekend... The drive in ECR by itself would be a pleasure !

  9. @Clara & Susana : Thanks ,I am honoured...!!
    @Somu : Yep ! Driving in ECR always feels good..!!

  10. Thanks for dropping by Emereen and all the lovely comments.

  11. Emreen, these pictures are awesome. Looks like a real retreat, very luxurious and very calming too...

  12. I can imagine what a wonderful weekend you must have had. I have so much about in the last few years,but yet to visit it.
    Your pictures are all very good, makes us feel like we have been there. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. @Rama:Thanks a lot for dropping by ;-) ;-) ..!!

  14. awesome place emreen...gr8 shots...

  15. How blessed you are to be able to visit such unique special places.

  16. this is one of the resorts i love incredibly.. went there more than 5 yrs back and I still have the shell garlands they welcomed me with.. you didnot mention the hammocks where I remember spending an early morning after a walk around the place... I would love to go there again.

  17. Totally love ... love that patio.. Wish my home looked like that.. Love the table top as well.. What an amazing place.. Emreen.. Certainly on my list of places to visit.. for a 'me' break.. :-)

  18. What a gorgeous place. Aaaah....

  19. Emreen I am sure your wonderful photography is what is making the place look so enticing! Kudos to you!

  20. Wow.. Love your blog. keep up the good work!

  21. Tajgroup has a lovely property down there, did visit it during my days in Chennai,was delighted to see them once again through your blog ,you brought back lovely memories.I am your newest follower do drop by my space if you can.


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