Apr 17, 2011

Harith Tharang - an interesting option for your garden needs ....!!

      With a wide range of both indoor and outdoor plants, attractive pots and planters brought in from various parts of the country Harith Tharang is one of the first and unique garden centres in Chennai. Rashmi Sunil, proprietor of Harith Tharang, says that the concept is inspired by the garden centres abroad. The speciality of the shop is the stunning table top arrangement of plants and the containers used to display them in an artistic manner. In addition to that the centre deals with all types of garden needs - indoor, outdoor plant supplies, fountains, bamboo baskets, artistic terracotta, sandstone and wood containers, plant materials like coco peat, leaf shine sprays etc.,

Harith Tharang means "Green Waves" and yes, they are making waves with their truly ever-lasting "Gift a Plant"  venture to promote the Go-green concept ; With this scheme, one can select  a plant of your choice from their shop or website, and the gift will be directly delivered directly from the showroom.
 The entryway to the store is decked up with
wall mounted planters on both sides ..

Table top fountains - these will be a great
addition to any outdoor decor... !!

 Plants in pickle jars and bamboo baskets..

Plant displayed on a driftwood piece...
Hanging pots, plants in bamboo stem holders...

Pots and planters in interesting shapes
with intricate designs...

Plant arranged in a tri-pod bamboo stand...

Animal-shaped plant holders...

 Now, how cute is that .!! Old-fashioned oil lamp
put to such an useful idea...!! 

 In short, this is a perfect place in the city  for a gardening enthusiast !!!

I am linking this post to the "Green Thumb Decor"  blog party at Patty's blog.


  1. Lovely, Emreen---I want so many of the pieces pictured above!

  2. @GB : Thanks gagan for dropping by, and leaving a lovely comment !!

  3. oh my!! what a lovely store.. and such gorgeous images.. I love that green shelf.. Wish I had space for one like that... with lots of greens on it!!

  4. I just want almost all of them...........the tri-pod bamboo stand, that driftwood piece, Hanging pots, plants in bamboo stem holders..and the table top fountains........but couldn't found them on their website, and Emreen can I order them


  5. what a wonderful post :) i almost loved all teh ideas :) the pickle bottle was soo indian :)

  6. wow thtz a gr8 coincidence we both ve the same post...summer cool :-)

  7. @Shivani: Thanks a lot for the lovely comments.... Yes, you can order them - You can contact Rashmi (9841279881), but it is available within Chennai only. Online order is not available currently - They are working on it.

  8. @nisha,@sulagna : Thank You dearies for dropping by...!!

  9. Very interesting dear.
    Sure i will give a visit and have things from there after i return to Chennai.
    Thanks for the information.

  10. i feel so glad to have come across your blog...being a chennai-vasi, i find your blog very informative...keep up the grt wrk Emreen

  11. Wow, what a fabulous shop in Chennai, must stop by next time I visit:) I especially love the pots with the whimsical faces...

  12. Emreen, just came across your blog via 'Colours Dekor'. I've been looking for ideas to do upo a green decor for my new house and what a coincidence that I find these unique ideas first at Colours Dekor and now here.
    I love all the ideas and the gorgeous pictures. I wish they would take online orders. The plant in the oil lamp is especially innovative!

  13. @viji,kala:Thanks a lot for dropping by.. !!
    @divyaa:Thank You for the encouraging comments !!

  14. @Rashmie : Thanks You...!! Please wait until August - I spoke with Rashmi (proprietor of Harith Tharang) today - They are working on online deliveries...;-) ;-)

  15. Very cool store, great ideas and smart products! Must visit on my next trip to Chennai.

    And suure Emreen, I shall be the starting point of your travel arrangements to Sikkim :) Soo loved the week's stay there, I can narrate a hundred stories of the place and its people and our experiences!

  16. @Ambika:Oh! Thats sooo sweet of you... Wait and see , your mail box is gonna be flooden with my Sikkim-related-queries....;-) ;-)

  17. Wow Emreen, thanks for featuring this store, so many different planter options.. very creative..
    Loved the recycled egg project as well, such a lovely idea and looks so cute with the little bunny!!(Poppy)


  18. wow!!!...these are amazingly soothing to the eyes...

  19. the driftwood piece,the pickle jar and bamboo basket...wow all so fascinating ideas to make garden beautiful.Wonderful post...

  20. hi i just read so many lovely comments by you on my blog thank you so much for reading my tutes in such detail it really made me happy with a warm feeling,the plants above are out of the world and the amazing thing is that they all are so healthy even indoors wow

  21. Thanks for sharing this store info.Fabulous place.Great ideas for indoor garden.Loved everything here.


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