Jul 19, 2010

Lake Forest – a blend of the old and the new….

     Does anyone want to wake up to the morning sun streaming in through your windows,  the delicious aroma of spices ..., the chirping of birds..., the noises of insects ....? Yes, the lake forest is that for you....

    The lake forest resort, with its period and authentic interiors is located in a live coffee estate on the bunds of the Yercaud Lake.  The resort is situated amidst coffee and spice plantations and the place is so captivating that any person who is fond of nature's delights will fall in love with it at first sight.. .. !        

          The specialty of this resort is that  no two chambers are alike -  every cottage is "unique" in its size,space, feel, style and decor.

      Upon request, the friendly staff also provide a tour of all the unoccupied  rooms and that's how I got to click these pictures ;-). All the cottages are well-lit, spacious and well-decorated and have very fabulous views.

     The Anglo-Indian architecture, the artistic display of local crafts, the wooden outdoor furniture,the giant umbrellas that cover them,  the long stretch of steps that takes to the central lawns.. are a delight to one's
eye ..

     The hotel also contains a large collection of authentic and antique English furniture and artifacts of yester years, which are exhibited in the guest rooms and public areas of the hotel.

  In short, this place is art, heritage,nature and beauty all combined into one  -  and anyone will enjoy the stay at Lake Forest, Yercaud.


  1. What a lovely place! Great pictures!

  2. hey really nice!!!kalakureenga

  3. Hi Priya, Thanks a lot... Took hundreds of snaps.. Had to restrict myself to a few though... Hope I have done enough justice.. ;-)

  4. I like this the most.Good one. Especially the artificial swans and the creeper with the shadow ... excellent Emms.

  5. Nice post! Lovely pictures!!

    Emreen keep rocking!!!


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