Oct 1, 2011

22.2 Acccessories : { Indian Look Vs International Design}

     22.2 accessories is the brain child of Bangalore based Richa Dubey - a National Award winner accessories designer from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Apart from being an expert handbag designer she is  a  fashion illustrator, potter and educator and have been conducting design workshops for various organizations and International schools. At 22.2 accessories, she fashions stylish clutches, sturdy but pretty tote bags in organic cottons, canvas, jute, raw silks, Mangalgiri fabirc and block prints in hand painted leather embellishments. Her unique and functional line of handbags are available in rich, bold, bright and beautiful designs and colors and her designs rely heavily on Indian traditions, culture, textiles and craft and have a unique Indian look with International design sensibilities . Her products are so appealing that its not surprising to see that most of her fine-looking products in Shopo are sold out… !!!

A three corner clutch with angular graphics 
painted on leather...

 Silk tote with  hand painted Anaarkali detail ...
     This is what Richa has to say to us about her brand .. .”I am not big on birthday celebrations but was fed up with my family members and friends who kept forgetting the date !!! As a sweet revenge 22.2accessories was conceptualized so that I need not remind them again .22 Feb is my birth date. I wanted to start an accessory line which truly utilizes Indian textiles and craft in a more contemporary fashion. I wanted to go beyond the bollywood prints and heavy decoration.  Our local artisans are doing some amazing work and I wanted to bring that in popular culture but with a fresh twist .There is so much to learn from rural India and I wanted to bridge that design gap. My work with craftsmen across India has made me realize that unless we provide fresh twist to age old traditions of craft ,they wont survive for long.Our effort is to bring these crafts on the front row of international fashion. 
     As a label we have revolutionary ambition and sky high expectations from ourselves. We are constantly working on to refine our products technically and aesthetically.Each of our products are handcrafted and  known for their earthy and whimsical look . Being an Eco aware label ,We Try to use materials not very far from their natural finish. So its about organic cottons ,canvas, jute , raw silks, Mangalgiri ,block prints etc. The leather used is most basic finished  veg tanned leather and is sourced directly  from tanneries. We have in-house facility where we customize fabric and leather prints for our collections.
      I get inspired by the women I design for. I think of their moods, way of living or certain needs. There is no point to design for design’s sake. A product is meant for someone and as a designer its my duty to find that connection. I only follow one rule while designing -  "EYES WIDE OPEN". I  am always driven to push forward. It’s a high to translate ideas into real products and I am a design addict.
      As our first step we are retailing handbags ,clutches ,Crafted footwear.We are very soon starting our Men's accessory line…
”  We wish you all the best Richa, with your future endeavors. 

 Ethnic clutches in block printed fabric ..

 A drool-worthy clutch with Angular graphics
painted on leather ....

  Handcrafted triangular clutch bag with
hand drawn 'Surya' motif in 'Mabhubani' style ..
 All Images via 22.2 Accessories

     Apart from her online shop 22.2 accessories is  retailed from various stores across Bangalore, like EKA Lifestyle,Mogra pret,Mother earth stores and very soon they  are Coming to Hyderabad and Delhi. …. If you are interested in Richa’s products, you can shop them online at Shopo –  She is also reachable at bagsinfashion@yahoo.com and you can see her work on facebook here.


  1. Emreen, I love her work, what a fabulous artist:)

  2. Unique unique unique !!! Wonderfully different n cute with an ethnic twist ..loved them all!

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  4. Amazing products, Richa. Very innovative ideas!
    Thanks for sharing, Emreen.


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