Sep 25, 2011

at ... BlogAdda's "Wall of Fame" ....

     BlogAdda - one of India's largest blog directories has featured 100 Indian bloggers in its 'Wall of Fame' and I am happy to inform that 'Liven Things Up' is one among them... Yay !! .. You can read about it here and here. The screenshots of the same are seen below. 

  Thank You BlogAdda and team...and congrats to all the bloggers who have been featured ...!!


  1. Congratulations...Its like a double dhamaka... First a Prissma feature and now this :) Well deserved. And loved your write up in Prissma. Keep up the good work !

  2. @somu : Thanks a lot.. Yes, its like double delight to me... ;-) ;-) ...

  3. So, well deserved Emreen, congratulations!! Thank you for your suggestions on my blog today, much appreciated:)

  4. @kala :Thank You ;-) ;-)
    @Shalini : Sure, we can have it at your favorite spot itself...

  5. Congrats Emreen, Although I am a new visitor and surely happy for your success..gr8 going


  6. Congratulations, Emreen. You are going places girl and I am really happy for you :)

    About the pattern and tutorial for the shampoo bottle, I'll post it soon. Stay tuned!

  7. COngratulations Emreen.. Happy that you have been featured in the Wall of Fame.


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