Nov 24, 2010

Kian - Lifestyle Within Reach !!

"Kian is not just about's about inspirational lifestyle..." - This is the motto of Kian, the furniture and accessories shop that is located in Chennai. Well, I would say that definitely their design styles were artistic, impressive and inspirational too...

  Classic designs with a contemporary twist....!!
mm... I just fell in love with this space....- the flowers and 
the white curtains - sheer magic....!!!
This wicker furniture is my favorite....!!!

Unusual Design Style of Kian ...!!

 Trendy and colorful...vases..!!
Picturesque display of spices in glass jars...!!

Quality and excellence always comes with a price - If you are a person who will not compromise on both then Kian may be the right choice for you...!!!


  1. Love the space!---especially that huge wicker armchair!

  2. oh lovely!! that furniture does look gorgeous!! I love the coloured bowls and accessories.. very pretty!! Besides.. havent seen you in blogland for a while.. Hope all is well!!

  3. @patty :Thanks ...!, Was down with fever and other complications..for quite some time... . However, couldn't stay away from the blog-land for a long time ;-) ;-)

  4. Beautiful!! wish you a speedy recovery!!! Take care!!

  5. @Purnima : Thanks a lot... Am feelin a lot better now... !!


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