Nov 27, 2010

Gardening in Small Spaces - Crown of Thorns ....!!

     The crown of thorns plant commonly known as the Christ plant is an attractive  thorny succulent with bright green tear-shaped leaves that produces a cluster of flowers in red, pink, yellow colors. This is  one of my ever-time favorite plants, and is extremely easy to grow and maintain.

Cheerful Crown of Thorns at my balcony garden ...!!

I have grown them at my balcony in a medium sized pot layered with soil and some manure. The plant needs watering only when the soil becomes dry - so take care not to over-water it. Because of the long spines that are found in the plant, always take care while handling the plant.

Adding some more pictures from my parent's terrace garden ... !!!



Have a great weekend everyone !!! ;-) ;-)

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  1. Oh.. lovely! I spy with my little eye.. that you've got a gorgeous.. gorgeous looking balcony!! .. i love the colour of those times..


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