Oct 31, 2010

Serve with Style

      This post is about cutting a water melon into some desired shape... Well ,I am not into some fruit carving technique... This was done within minutes using a cookie cutter..!!!

This is very easy to do - All you need is a watermelon, cookie cutters and a knife. Cut a small watermelon into half, and draw a line along the circumference of the water melon. 

Now cut the water melon along the line, to get a round slice as shown. The width of the slice should be slightly lesser than the depth of the cookie cutter.

Place the cookie cutter on the melon slice and  cut the desired shape using the cookie cutter. Arrange and serve.

This will look even better if it is teamed up with some other fruits, for example, grapes put on top of it using a tooth pick ...!!


  1. Wow Emreen...never thought of using cookie cutters for fruit carving....and what beautiful step by step pics you've taken! Next time will definitely be serving watermelon using different shape cookie cutters...Thanks for the very creative idea!

  2. Hey Emreen, this is a fabulous idea! I am trying this for sure :)you are so crative, why don;t you make a DIY this month and link it up with us..Oh, thanks for linking this one too :)

  3. Lovely idea.. Am sure these hearty melon pieces would be great with grapes on top.

  4. @Iniyaal : Oh, Thanks a lot for your sweet comments....

  5. WOW... now this is what I call a wonderful idea :)


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