Oct 11, 2010

DIY : Twig Flower Arrangement

     Each time I rummage through my craft supplies, I used to look at the bunch of artificial flowers that I had got some time back to decorate gift boxes and put them aside.  Finally, this weekend,  I got the idea to create an artificial flower arrangement.  Well, I never once thought that  the twigs and artificial flowers will look good together and I am totally satisfied with the completed project.

Supplies Needed :
Dry Twigs           ( I used ones from neem tree ; so that insects don't invade and spoil it easily.)
Artificial Flowers ( The flowers I have used are tied to floral wire ; This is available in many craft stores.If only flowers are available, tie the flowers to wire, so that it is easy to twist. By this way you need not glue the flowers to the twig)

Twist the stem of a  flower around the twig like a coil as shown in the picture. Similarly secure flowers one by one - start doing it from top to bottom. Gather the twigs and put them in a vase. That's it - it's done....!!!

The project can be completed within 10 minutes - After all there is not much work to do ... !

The weekend was so exciting with a visit to the craft fair about which I had done a post earlier, a lot of cleaning and mopping followed by a long drive to Kart Attack, ECR where 'D' and his brother were driving their cars like mad around the race track, while all we did was just sit and watch ... ;-) ;-) ... 

I am linking about this post for the Weekend Wrap Up party hosted by Patty at her lovely blog here.


  1. Oh.. Emreen!! thats super awesome!! You are indeed a bundle of talent... Gosh!! Those flowers would look gorgeous.. on a gift... with a little card attached.. Isnt it??? or simply in a little pot.. like you have them.. wow!!

    You know I envy you for visiting the craft fair..

    Thanks so so much for linking in!! You guys rock!!

  2. Hey em...don't know if you realize this, but things such as this, which seem so easy for you, are actually pretty complicated for me, even after reading your simple step-by-step instructions, which are great...I still don't think I have that much creativity or skill! But you do, so keep doing what you love doing :-) The flowers look wonderful and professional, btw...

  3. Wow..this is beautiful. I found your blog through the Weekend Wrap up party at Colors Dekor. Loved your blog :)

  4. @Patty : Thanks a lot... for giving me a chance to participate again.
    @Kary : Thank you Dear for the regular visits and lovely comments.. !
    @Iniyaal : Thanks a lot, and welcome to my virtual design space. .. ;-) !!

  5. very creative! and beautiful, Emreen. thanks for sharing.

  6. Emreen, good post dear! :) Will try this for sure


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