Oct 8, 2010

Gardening in Small Spaces - Devil's Ivy ....!

     "Devil's Ivy" or Golden Pothos also known as Solomon Island's Ivy  is an immensely popular houseplant . The Golden Pothos has heart-shaped leaves that grow alternatively on a vine, and is so called because of the attractive yellow markings that appear on the leaves.

This indoor plant, also popularly known as 'Money Plant ' can be grown in containers and  also be trained to climb on walls, fences, moss covered poles, trees or put in hanging baskets.This beginner's plant as I call it,  is an extremely easy plant to grow and propagate and sustains with the minimum of pampering  . !!

Picture taken at my parents home...- 

I was amused by seein this at our compound wall, when I had been on a recent visit to my home town. Definitely Mom's ideas are better than mine....;-) , When I constantly look for ideas in the internet or magazines, I wonder where she gets such ideas from !!...The plant has been grown in an used coke bottle ( Art of Recycling ?!?!?!?)-hung  on the compound wall using holes punched on it.

This pic was taken at my sister's home - I like the way 
she has used her minimal space - The plant is 
grown in a plastic pot, hung over the curtain rod.

Cut money plant branches can be grown in containers containing only water and they easily produce roots and add cheer to the corner of any home. All you have to do is change the water once in a week or so, to avoid mosquitoes and clean the foliage once a while with a damp cloth to remove the dust.

This plant that is so easy-to-care can also be grown in pots - just anywhere shady , avoiding direct sunlight . Just cut off a piece of the vine with a few leaves and put it in moistened soil. The new plant will grow off in no time. Take care to water the plant regularly.


  1. Finally, Em, a post on gardening....I was so looking forward to one and you delivered...and what a post! I learnt so much from this-for example, didn't know money plant was called Devil's Ivy and the other names...I also wasn't sure how to grow it...It's good you took photos from different places too. All in all, this was a very informative and well-written piece...Looking forward to more in your Gardening Series :-)

  2. I would agree with Karishma on learning the different names of the very popular 'Money Plant' from this post.

    I intend to add green to my house and Money Plant remains on top of my list. This post has just consolidated it's position. The low maintenance makes is an obvious choice ;)


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