Apr 19, 2011

DIY : Recycled Easter Eggs

     Have you ever had the lip-smacking kinder JOY chocolate - the one that contains two acorn-shaped coated wafer biscuits in a milky spread with a surprise toy inside.... In that case, have you noticed that the chocolate comes in an egg-shaped case....?!?!.. Won't that be perfect for a recycled Easter Craft... Well., I had a few wrappers, with which I was experimenting during the weekend... which resulted in this...

Guess, if you are impressed with this craft - may be you will think twice next time before throwing away those beautifully shaped wrappers... ;-) ;-) ... !! Now to the procedure....

Materials Needed :
Kinder Joy chocolate wrapper  - 2 (for 1 egg)
Fevicol Easy Flow Adhesive  (I used the one that is available in a squeezy bottle in order to avoid unnecessary mess)
Acrylic Colour ( Any colour of your choice)
Glitter colours or any embellishments

Kinder Joy Chocolate - one half of contains the chocolate
and the other contains small toys ( the ones you see behind the chocolate)

 Apply fevicol on the egg-shaped wrapper's surface ; Spread the fevicol evenly on the surface with the help of a thin stick or skewer. Do the same on both halves of the wrapper. Leave it to dry completely. In the above picture you can see that one half is dried completely ( right side one). 
 Apply a coat of acrylic colour of your choice.

Apply another coat of paint so that the surface
underneath is not visible.

You can apply the same color on both halves or
different shades - it all depends on your choice...

Glue both the halves with the help of fevicol or any adhesive.Thats it... Easy peasy .. Done... It will be all over in 15- 20 mins.Now, all you have to do, is to arrange your eggs in a basket or put it in an egg holder... !! - You can also embellish the eggs with glitter or other designs. or even spray paint it......
TIP : You can also leave little knick-knacks inside if you are planning to give this as a gift.
I am linking this to the Weekend Wrap Up party at Colours Dekor, Spring Summer Fest at the Key Bunch and Get Your Craft On Party .


  1. Good one Emreen! Nice recycling project! Just today my mom was asking what egg do you give for egg hunting, Is it like kinder joy!

  2. waow...dint strike me at all that kinderjoy does look like an egg :)

  3. wonderful idea Emreen...very nice

  4. @sulagna : ;-) ;-) ... May be the idea struck becos of Easter .... !! Otherwise I would never have thought of this...
    @Nisha : Thanks dear for dropping by... !!
    @Esther: Hey, Its been a long time...Thanks for the lovely comments...
    @Ewa:Thanks for visiting my blog... !!

  5. Incredible idea! I loved it! :) its a shame to waste those lovely wrappers.. so this is really good indeed!

  6. @Chandana : Thanks for dropping by.... !!

  7. Wow
    Really fun and creative.
    Nice idea pretty girl.
    Happy Easter dear.

  8. what a lovely idea.. But we dont get Kinder with the hard shell outside..

    Thank you for linking in to the Weekend Wrap up :-)

  9. Hi Emreen,
    Nice little DIY!
    My daughter and I had tons of fun decorating Easter eggs. We even posted letters in the eggs.
    Have a look here:


  10. Very creative Emreen. I love recycling and your ideas always speak to me:):) Loved seeing you at my blog today:)

  11. what a lovely blog. I had a pleasant time here.Your posts on Chennai were enlightening .

  12. what an amazing idea emreen...:-)

  13. So clever... thanks for sharing the tutorial. Great idea.

    xxx Monica

  14. such an easy and interesting idea! i should do thid for next easter!

  15. This is such a cute idea!!!


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