Apr 13, 2011

Adopt a nest box today !!

Nature Forever Society is a conservation organisation that has been working for the conservation of house sparrows for the past four years, as well as the common birds of India and their habitats. To involve the common man in the conservation movement, they have initiated adoptions of mest boxes and feeders which has been very successful in India.  [Excerpt : NatureForever]

For the first time in India, the organization is offering bird feeder and nest boxes at reasonable rates. I have already placed my order, Have you ...? So, what are you waiting for ... Click this link , select a nest box of your choice and place your order.

The purpose is the same - So I am linking this post to the "Birds Need you this summer" campaign started by Shivani ..in the blogsphere... .!!


  1. Oh Brilliant Emreen, what a lovely post.....and it is soooo true.......do you remember the last time you spotted the sparrow....i have grown up with sparrows around, such a lovely bird...but now they are actually getting extinct.....I am really heartened seeing your post...got back into my childhood memories......thanks for linking in and surely together we will make a Difference..


  2. @Shivani : Very true.. Its been ages since I saw one little bird... !! This is the least one can do.... Thanks for dropping by, Shivani...

  3. Great post today Emreen, it would be a shame if they became extinct.

    You are so sweet, thank you so much for making it "295" today:):)

  4. Hi Pretty Emreen,
    Thanks visiting my blog.
    I came here and had a very nice time.
    I love your blog
    I decided to order the bird feeder.

  5. @Viji : Thanks for dropping by...!! Thats great... I am glad that the post has inspired one person....!!

  6. whata noble gesture Em :) looking at the site right now,

  7. @sulagna: Thanks a lot... Glad that the prices of the feeders are affordable...!!

  8. its such a adorable post and sure will place my order...

  9. informative post Emreen!! placing my order now!! do you know of any place in chennai which also sells bird baths??

  10. Dear Emreen,
    Pl. have a look of the birdfeederat my blog

  11. @viji:Wow...Love the bird feeder.. That was soo sweet of you... I am glad that you got inspired by my post and you have put it to use... Thank You.. I am overwhelmed...!!

  12. @Divyaa :
    I am not able to link back to your site or obtain your e-mail id. So I am posting my reposnse here itself.

    Granite birdbaths are available in Chennai at Universal Granites - Please find the URL below :(http://www.universalgranites.com/home.html)

    Please check their products here :



    Hope you found this information useful !!


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