Mar 22, 2011

My attempts at jewelry making ...

Last weekend I had been to jewelry making classes with a close friend of mine - Never before I had been interested in jewelry making but I must admit that it was a lot of fun and we both totally loved it.. !!  We had spend hours discussing on doing something useful during the weekend and even though both of us never had a thought about joining the jewelry making class, we zeroed upon the same because of the short duration and mainly the timings...!!! When I learnt some Western techniques like stringing, looping , wire wrapping etc., my friend tried her hands on  bridal jewellery - and the pieces have turned out better than we expected  ;-) ... ofcourse, with the help of the patient instructor.. !!!

Wire wrapping technique : Done at the jewelry class. 
Done with faux cat eye beads using Knotting technique. 
This was the first piece done by me at the jewelry class. 
Matching Earrings for the chain ... 
A chain done using wooden beads - **bling** ..!! 

 These are the pieces that I tried making on my own..!! 

So, which piece is to your liking - Waiting to hear your comments ;-) ;-) ....!!!

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  1. Hi Emreen, Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. The jewelery is gorgeous!

  2. oh my!! this is gorgeous... Very very pretty!! Loved them all.. well done.. Emreen!!

  3. Hey EM, I've said this before and I say this constantly amaze me with your creativity and talent...I thought I knew you, my friend, but here you go again and surprise me with the little jeweller in you!!! I really love your handiwork...liked the color combinations and the pendants and other metalwork that you have combined with the beads...shows a very refined aesthetic sense! Hoping to see more of your own craftwork on this blog :-)

  4. Beautiful!!!I love them all!
    Yesterday I made for first time some earrings.You can see them in my baby blog (just few days old).I will be happy to hear other people opinion!

  5. Hi there, I loved the wire wrapping technique you used in the first picture....what kind of tool did you use for that?... it looks so delicate and pretty....Thanks for stopping by and liking my necklace.... I used green turquoise stone for it and yes I did create it... I love working with different gemstones and creating something wonderful with them... guess you and I have something in common...

  6. Awesome, I totally love the spiral one :)

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