Jan 29, 2011

Tenmoku pottery - Designs Inspired by Nature !

     During a recent visit to Malaysia, I had a chance to feast my eyes on this skilled pottery work from a showroom called Tenmoku pottery.... Tenmoku pottery is a Malaysia brand name that has been established since late 80's. The concept of fossil-like imprints using actual elements such as leaves or twigs create a real life experience for the beholder. Combining the knowledge and idea of both modern and traditional art, Tenmoku pottery offers a treasure of arts and crafts inspired by the beauty of nature. Each creation is hand painted with inspiration of the designs derived from nature itself, hence called "Designs inspired by Nature". (Excerpt : Letter of Authentication given from Tenmoku Pottery). 
It's really amazing to know how much one can learn from travels..., isn't it ? 

 Stunning collection of ceramic blue vases ...

 Table vase with spiral artwork..
 Aroma burner with twig like patterns ..
Nature inspired tea set with earthy tones ..
I love these mugs...with their quirky handles..
Guess a certain blogger friend is gonna luv these
peacock-shaped candle holders ...;-) 
In harmony with nature ..!!
Lovely lamb figurines...
Potpourri holders - Designs inspired by Floral patterns..

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So,any time you visit Malaysia, don't forget to come back home with a piece of tenmoku pottery if you are a pottery lover like me... !!


  1. Emreen, if the peacock reference was for me, you're spot on---I loved them!!and that last tea set is sooooooo pretty! :D

  2. @GB : Yes, of course... You got it right ...** all smiles ** ;-) ...!! Have a great relaxing weekend !!

  3. lovely! thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. Lovely works of art. Love the set of three vases with spiral art work. The sibtle colours, impressions and details are beautiful. Wish I had heard about this pottery work before my last trip to malaysia :)

  5. Lovely! Never knew about the existence of Temoku pottery.

  6. beautiful peacocks...nice pottery :)

  7. @Iniyaal : Thanks for dropping by ... Thanks to google and the vast information available, I always check for arts and crafts that can be got locally before my travels...

  8. Peacock Candle holder is awesome.....Get it for me too Ö= Ö=

  9. This is one of the best pieces of art work I have seen recently. Indebted to you, Emreen for sharing this! Thanks a ton!!
    You sure have an eye for art and we, your blog-friends are benefiting from it :)

  10. Some beautiful pieces. Inspirning!


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