Jan 5, 2011

Memorable Days in Japan - 1

     What better way to start the first blog post of this year than by writing about something that would be etched in your memory for ever...!!! If there is one thing that still excites me whenever I think or talk about it, then it is my trip to Japan a couple of years back. Before the travel , I had mixed feelings from what I had heard about the country , the people and especially the food that is commonly available over there…But  I  enjoyed every moment of my stay, and on my return trip I never wanted to come back..I missed Japan  for a very long time... !!!   
Violet Orchids,  that each passenger is given
  in Thai Airways.
(We travelled to Japan via Thailand.)

 Aerial view of the Land of Rising Sun....Taken 
before the plane landed at Narita Airport, Japan.

     Most of the Japanese do not know English, but there is nothing to worry about as maps of every tourist spot is available in almost all railway stations. Also,the Japanese are very friendly people, they go out of the way to help us out, mostly by taking us to the right corner when we ask for directions. Before my trip, I was already prepared with a printout of the English-Japanese translation of some essential words,but except for one or two instances it was almost unnecessary; Why would it be when we had fun mostly with sign languages ?!?! 

       If there is one place that should be visited if you intend to travel to Japan, then it is the  Hakkejima Sea Paradise which is one of the largest aquariums of Japan. The island has an undersea viewing tunnel that is filled with several marine living creatures and also there are dolphin shows, merry-go-rounds and other amusement rides.This is a great place suitable for sight seeing in a leisurely manner ,where both the old and young will lose track of time once they are inside the island.

Breath-taking views of  Sea paradise
Colorful fish swimming in the undersea tunnel.

Performance by Sea lions : Bowing in Japanese style.

He Luks cute right ?!! with his snowman cap.

Kids feeding the ducks ...

Fureal Lagoon  : Performance by Penguins.
Here you can actually touch the dolphins and penguins.

Blue Fall : A 107 m vertical fall , that leaves you breathless.
The way the car falls down along with the sound of drum beats 
is sooo exciting.. Imagine yourself being dropped from 100 metres..!

Snaps clicked during the Island Tour.

Is this what you call pet-fashion  ?

Hi dears, I know I have deviated from what the blog banner says at the top. Hope you will not mind... !!! 
Hope you all a had a great time with me, traversing back to my memories of 2008...!!!


  1. Lovely photos of Japan. Happy to read that your blog is featured in the keybunch. I am heading straight to the key bunch to read their post.

  2. I haven't seen these photographs, they are simply lovely! Especially liked the aerial shots and the one of the orchid...nice to read about your trip! Now waiting for the Spore and Malaysia post :-)

  3. loved the pics of japan.....indeed its a beautiful country.have had the chance to visit it twice.have captured some lovely pics too...will send u the link soon!:))

  4. Hakkeijima! I've been there several times as a kid. I heard that they recently remodeled. We were planning to visit this aquarium in April when we go back to Japan, but due to the earthquake and Tsunami, we couldn't make it. Can't wait to go back there... it's going to be fun for the kids!


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