Feb 25, 2011

An award and a Tag

This is the first time I have been tagged, and I must admit that each time I see other blogger friends being tagged, I used to think , that it is better if I am not, just because I have to reveal 'seven' things about me... But I thoroughly enjoyed the process... It was fun....!!! Thanks a lot Kamakshi , for this lovely award.

  1. I love reading long mails and regular updates…from friends rather than receiving phone calls... .It just brings a  smile on my face when I see one in my mail-box.
  2. Though I read all genre books,I like reading romantic novels and  love happy endings. Ahh..  I can imagine some of my friends giving me that Have-your-tastes-not-changed-yet and Have-you-not-grown-up-yet look ;-) ;-) …
  3. I love to shop in home decor and book stores anytime , but I do not prefer shopping in clothing stores always - that depends on the mood..!
  4. I can’t imagine myself living in a place where there’s no greenery  around.. The love for plants comes from my parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents… Guess it’s manufacturing defect. ;-) ;-) ….
  5. I love to travel … I visit different places atleast once in a year.. so far so good…. I prefer travelling , when I need a break from everything...
  6. I get bored easily.. There has to be something or the other to keep me occupied… Neither can I sit idle for a long time indoors....
  7. I admire food being  served in beautiful cutlery in a good ambiance. .And of course, I love candlelit and pool-side dinners .
Ooops.. .Thats it !!! Done… .!!!  

I would like to tag the following lovely bloggers for this award.
  1. Karishma of Effortless Cooking,Easy Baking
  2. Kamini of Saffron and Silk 
  3. Sanghamitra of Rainbow ,the colours of India.
  4. Vineeta of ArtnLight
  5. Purnima - A Creative Project
  6. Deepi at Deepi's World.
  7. Debbie at Confessions of a plate Addict
The rule of this award is that once you have been tagged you have to reveal seven things about yourself and pass the award to seven others. So, pass on the award and spread the fun.... ;-) ;-) .


  1. Hey emreen,

    Thank you for passing the tag.Glad to read seven things about you..nice to know that you own a Tenmoku piece.You are the first person who has asked me about my Tenmoku cat.Thanx again.

  2. Hi Emreen! Thanks so much for tagging me! I enjoyed reading your seven thngs and getting to know you! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Congratulations, Emreen....the award epitomizes you and your blog to the hilt! It was really nice reading about you also...and I think the people you mentioned in answer #2 included me?!! Ha ha ha...but anyway, always remain a romantic at heart, never grow up :-D....and thanks for passing the lovely award over to me! No thank you for passing on the meme though...now I have to think and wonder and ruminate on what to reveal about myself and what not to ;-)

  4. CONGRATS emreen...thats gr8...

  5. Lovely to know more about you Emreen. 3 is SO me. I love happy endings too :)


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